Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember us?

All you die hard Gorilla vs. Rex fans out there, who periodically check out sight,and then shake your fists in dismay when you see it has not been updated in 6 months... REJOICE! We are back with a renewed sense of hope and commitment of updating this page more regularly... to coin one of the more popular phrases of the last few months "Yes We Can".

We have been extremely busy since we last updated. GorilLiam has learned how to talk... or should I say talk back. The increase in his verbal skills seem directly related to him turning 2 in January. Ever since then, the dialogue around the household has been a lot more colorful. I (Rex) have almost completed an entire pre-school year and must admit that I have gotten quite good at it. I have a major in 'Dressin'-Up' and a minor in 'Snacking'.

Liam's Doppleganger

For those of you who don't know, the whole family went to Disneyworld in February. It was so magical. (That's Disney-speak for 'fun') I am convinced that we are going back very soon, or at least that's what I think my mother means when she says 'when pigs fly.' I got to meet every princess on my list (some of them more than once) and even got to ride the teacups and Dumbo. (I also was forced onto 'Snow White's Scary Adventure' by my parents who, despite my evident, and vocal trepidation, felt it was their right to ride on an 'adult ride'. Needless to say, I am still scarred.)

We're smiling because we only had to wait 10 minutes to see this rodent.

Well hello Prince Charming.

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